The Advantages and Disadvantages of Home Schooling

When deciding whether children should be home schooled or not it is really important to to take a look at the advantages and the disadvantages and to consider the context and our personal situation.

The Advantages

There is a a lot of flexibility in how to allow the child to learn and what they want to learn in what particular order. While there are usually regulations that dimages-1ictate the home school curriculum there are more options for switching it around to fit in to meet the child’s needs.

The other big factor that plays a role in deciding to home school is the basis for religious freedom. It allows a parent to implement their own beliefs and values into the learning scenario for the child rather than what the public school setting might be incorporating.

Parents also like the chance of being able to interact more on a daily basis with their youngster as they are spending several hours a day with them that they wouldn’t have if the child were in the school setting.

Children that are home schooled don’t have to be concerned about peer pressure and being bullied. This is something that is of a grave concern in the general school setting and there has been great to difficulty in trying to overcome this. Confidences is definitely one major benefit.

The Disadvantages of Home Schooling

One of the biggest issues with home schooling is the amount of pressure that it puts on the parent, as it is the parent that is responsible for ensuring that the child is learning on a proper schedule.

Financial issues can also be a concern as the home schooling parent doesn’t have the opportunity to be able to go out into the workforce, and this can make it difficult on the family financially.

The children that are home schooled don’t get the opportunity to participate in many of the school events such as the sporting events as well as the after school programs.