How Many Kids on Average are Home Schooled?

When parents are trying to decide whether to home school their children or not, they often want to know if they are making the right decision. What helps to dete
rmine this is the number of children that are basically going through this type of learning system.

It appears that for the United States approximately 3.4% of the children that are of age to go to school are being home schooled. This worksdownload-4 out to be about 1,770,000 students who are now learning in the home setting.

When it comes to Europe, many of the countries there are not as liberal when it comes to allowing home schooling. However, home schooling is still increasing and it is being indicated that in the UK that more than 36,000 are home educated students. However, this is just a ballpark figure as the collection of the stats is not that accurate.

Canada is also seeing a growth in home schooling and as of 2015 the statistics showed that it was up 29% in the last five years. As one can see the trend is spreading across the globe when it comes to home schooling.

This can have some dramatic impacts on the school system as each school is required to have a certain quota of students in order to remain open. While there are pros and cons to home schooling, many parents that at one time would never have considered this are now taking a closer look at it. Some feel that because the taxes they pay for their country goes partly towards the educating of their children that this is not a responsibility that they should have to take on. Others feel that by home schooling their children are going to get a much better advantage once it comes time for them to graduate and move into the working world.