How Many Home Schooled Kids Continue their Education?

One of the important questions that is raised about children that are been home schooled is whether they will continue their education once they get to the college level. Ther13602-homeschooling-dad-kids-work-books-wide-1200w-tne is also concerns as to how they succeed once they enter in to the employment field.

There are some interesting statistics that show how children that reach adulthood that have been home schooled fare in their early adult years. It is been shown that many of them will participate in community service programs compared to the general population. It has also been shown that home schooled children once they reach adulthood are more likely to attend public meetings and vote compared to those that were not home schooled. There are also stats that show that many of these kids go on to attend college and do very well at it, and are on par with the public schooled children or even supersede them in their learning abilities.

Children that have been home schooled tend to hold their parents on a higher scale and follow along in the thought in regards to the parents values and beliefs. This is understandable as the child has basically spent a a lot more time with their parents then the children that have had to leave the home on a daily basis for schooling.

These are all encouraging factors that need to be considered when a parent is trying to make the decision whether home schooling is going to be the best choice for their children. But, it has to be remembered that every child is unique and there may be some that just will not fit into the home schooling program as well as others. It also has to be given great thought to the responsibility that is being placed on the parent who has to make the commitment to ensure that the home schooling program is well planned, meets the regulations, and is adhered to on a consistent basis.