Comparing Home School to Public School

Taking a look at how the home school compares to the public school gives one the opportunity to decide whether this is the route they want to go for their children’s education.

Public Schooling

When it comes to thehomeschool-top public school the curricula is usually set by the school system and the teachers. Teachers are also required to teach a large class and don’t have the time to spend individually with students. It is difficult for them to identify what their strength and weaknesses are, and for children that are struggling it often means that they are not getting the help that is needed. If this goes on for very long period of time then they fall dramatically behind in the school system. When children are in a school system and become ill they often miss out on material that was being taught during their absence and it can be difficult for them to catch up.

The one advantage to the public schooling system is that children get to interact with others and it helps to build their social skills. They also get the opportunity to take advantage of the extracurricular activities at that that the school may be offering.

Home Schooling

The advantages to home Schooling offset the disadvantages that are present in the public school system. The one weakness in the home schooling system is the disadvantage of the children not being able to socialize with other students. However, there is much that the parent can do to offset this by planning outings in group settings. Perhaps with other parents that are home schooling their children as well.

Home schooling allows for flexibility when it comes to to the hours that the children are learning in. If they happen to be having a bad day or are ill, the parents have the advantage of being able to use off hours to help the children catch up which removes the pressure that this would put on them in the school setting.